Our Staff Welcomes You

Pastor John Hanson

Pastor John has been serving at Peace Lutheran Church for over 25 years.  He started his career serving God as a camp director in New York and Montana.  He brings a spirit of sharing, caring and love to all he does.  Pastor John and his wife, Julie have four grown children.    Pastor John can be reached at 715-684-2770 or at jrhanson@baldwin-telecom.net.

Amy Hutchins – Office Manager

Amy keeps things runnning at church.  She is the first person you will see when visiting the office.  She will help wherever needed and she has the answers to most church-related questions.  She has been a member of Peace for over 20 years and she has been the office manager for over 15 years.  Amy and her husband, Grant have one grown son.  Amy can be reached at 715-684-2770 or at peaceoffice@baldwin-telecom.net.  

Angie Bierwerth – Sunday School Superintendant

Angie is our Sunday School Superintendent.  She is responsible for planning, arranging and coordinating the Sunday School program.  Sunday School runs from Sept. – May.  All children, 3 years old – 9th grade, are welcome to attend our program.  She is always looking for volunteers to help with the program.  Reach out to her, if you are interested.  Angie can be reached at 715-684-2770.  

Pauline Wangen – Family Ministries Director

Pauline is our newest member of our staff.  She is serving as the Family Ministry Director.  In this role, Pauline will work closely with Amy and Laurel to create new ministry opportunities for young and old, alike.  She will be coordinating activities and public relations for all members.  She is also exploring a potential for day-care facitlities on our campus.  Pauline and her husband, Eric have been members of Peace for over 20 years and they have two children.  Pauline can be found at 651-210-5106 or at pauline.wangen@gmail.com.  

Leann Huston – Youth on Fire Director

Leann has a passion working with our youth and loves helping people.  She has gotten to know our youth through the many mission and service trips she has been on and she is always a friendly face, offering a smile to whomever needs one, which makes her happy.  Leann has three grown children and finds her church family a wonderful extension of her “family”. Leann can be reached at 715-556-2129 or at lhuston13@yahoo.com.



Jan Hanson – Senior Choir Director/Organist

Jan is a retired music teacher and has been sharing her musical gifts with our congregation for many years.  She leads our adult choir, organizes our Madrigal Dinner (held every other year) and plays piano/organ on any given Sunday for worship.  She and her husband, Lee enjoy sharing their love of God with all they meet.  Find Jan at 715-684-2770.

Julie Hanson – Youth Choir Director/Organist

Julie brings her talents to our youth choirs and to our congregation as a pianist/organist.  Julie shares her love of music with our young children, teaching them how music plays an important part in our worship and spiritual lives.  Julie is married to Pastor John and has four grown children.  Julie can be reached at 715-684-4484 or at jkhanson63@gmail.com.  

Paul Ramberg – Cemetery Sexton/Caretaker

Paul is a life-long member of Peace and he currently maintains both church cemeteries (Peace Cemetery and Woodside Cemetery).  Paul not only cares for our cemeteries, but he also cares for the church grounds in a loving manner.  Paul and his wife, Barb have three grown children and numerous grandchildren.  Paul can be contacted through the church office at 715-684-2770.