Silent Auction

The Silent Auction is an annual event that raises funds for a variety of different causes and needs.  For over 20 years, community and congregational members donate new or handmade items to the Silent Auction, held in the fall.  The auction runs from the end of Sept. thru the first weekend of October.  The Fellowship Hall becomes a place to browse and shop and have a friendly competition with your friends and neighbors for that special item(s).

We are always ready to accept donations when the dates are set.  If you are unable to donate items, please help this event by bidding on those special items.

Ideas for donations:  
Handmade crafts
Personal services (mowing, snow removal, landscaping etc)
Baked goods
Garden produce (home-grown)
Rental of your cabin/timeshare
Gift certificates
Camping gear
Hunting gear
Pampered Chef
Homemade mixes