Logos Program

The LOGOS Program is a Christian education program that is a four-part, mid-week program.  Our youth enjoy Christian fellowship through play, participation in worship & choir, Bible study and sharing a meal. 

The program is a valuable tool for family involvement, as parents and other members of our congregation are drawn into active participation with our youth through various opportunities.  

LOGOS is neither a substitute for, nor a replacement of Sunday School.  It is a unique program that strongly enhances the total Christian education program of our congregation.

All children and youth in grades 1 – 7 are invited to participate in the program. 

The program is financially self-supporting through tuition and annual fundraisers.  Scholarships are available and no one is turned away.  

Parent and congregational support and participation are essential to the success of the program.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Becky Anderson at (952) 715-0297.