Mission Statement: It is our on-going mission to educate, inspire and encourage every member of our church family so that he/she may know that he/she is an important member of our family and everyone has God-given time, talents and treasures to share with others.  We vow to serve God and our church family with diligence, care and love in all we do.

Job Description

  • Each member is elected for a 3 year term

  • Each member is to attend worship services regularly

  • Each member is to attend regular meetings


  • Elect a chairperson and a secretary (annually)

  • Conduct regular meetings (usually once a month)

  • Elect one council representative to attend Church Council meetings regularly being the liaison between the Stewardship Board and the Church Council

  • Assist the Church Council with an ongoing educational and inspirational program of stewardship and give assistance to regular and special appeals

Current Activities

  • Soup Suppers (during Lent)

  • Conduct a Stewardship Drive

  • Love Lights (November/December)

  • Educate about stewardship through monthly newsletter “Straight Talk About Stewardship”

  • Educate on ways of giving-automatic withdrawal, bill pay, etc.

  • November Thank offering

  • Send out mid year and end of year statements

  • Time & Talents Survey

2016 Members

Jan Hanson

Heather Serier

Tracy Carlson

Gloria Rasmussen

Jim Hauschild

Kathy Miller