The duties of the Board of Deacons include the following:

  1. Elect a Chairperson and a Secretary

  2. Assist the Pastor with the spiritual care of the congregation (i.e. Newsletter's Social Corner, Church Bulletin's Miracle Grow for the Soul).

  3. Consider matters relating to the worship of the congregation and make recommendations to the Council or at the annual meeting.

  4. Develop new and maintain on-going programs of evangelism - which is sharing the Good News in a loving and respectful way (i.e. name tags, tape ministry, tri-fold brochures, church booklet).

  5. Assist at services.

  6. Assist with communion and clean-up (1-3x per month).

  7. Maintain a lector and communion assistant schedule.

  8. Maintain a membership list (check on those who haven't attended, communed or given an offering each year).

  9. Identify and encourage the involvement of inactive members.

  10. Have a representative attend and report to Church Council meetings on a regular basis.

  11. Have minutes of Deacons meetings printed for the newsletter after each meeting.

Terms are for 3 years in duration with meetings held monthly.


2016 Members

Jeff Schulke

Tonya Bennis

Sue Gilles

Joan Ford

Jim Hauschild, Jr.

Peder Parizek