Board of Education Job Description

(last updated 10/08)  -  Needs to be updated!!!


  • Elect a chairperson and secretary

  • Conduct regular meetings -- at least one every 2 months

  • Assist Sunday School Superintendent in finding Sunday School teachers, planning and working Rally Sunday, and Teacher Appreciation Sunday

  • Stock Sunday School supply room and put together teacher totes

  • Assist with the Sunday School Christmas Program and Potluck

  • Schedule, plan, and work VBS

  • Attend and report to church council meetings on a regular basis

  • Develop a strong program of education for all baptized members of the congregation

  • Find volunteers to run Christmas Program

  • Find Board member replacements as necessary


2016 Members

Heather Schwartz-Harshman - 608-726-0603

Amy Jurgens - 715-821-2071

Cristy Peavey - 612-845-1249

Ashley Read - 715-441-8343

Brittany Porembo - 715-781-4034

Shelley Wynveen - Council Rep - 612-242-8495

Jody Ramberg - Directory of Sunday School - 

     715-977-0593 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.